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Stephanie Sorensen


Released: 1-Oct-2000

ISBN10: 875167357

ISBN13: 9780875167350


0875167357Is it possible to practice prayer-like thought in the space between our “official” prayers? Can we learn to transcend the world of appearances (which may be denying our prayer, or at least discouraging it) with a ceaseless acknowledgment of Spirit as the only true Source, Substance, and Power? The Presence is still present, whether we are acknowledging It in prayer or ignoring It as we think and speak in our everyday lives. Universal Creative Energy doesn’t turn off or go somewhere else until we are ready to “use” It in our prayers and Treatments. It is everywhere all of the time, and It is always active – whether we’re ready or not. As we learn to think and speak ALL OF THE TIME knowing our relationship to that Presence “in which we live and move and have our being,” we realize that every thought and word can be a prayer – because we live every moment in the creative Sacred Continuum of Spirit.


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sorensen_newStephanie Sorensen has been a student of metaphysics for almost 30 years and has adopted the Science of Mind as a way of life. She was co-minister of the Ventura County Church of Religious Science and co-founder of the Oahu Church of Religious Science.