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The Science of Mind: Unabridged CD

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The Complete Authorized Audiobook by Ernest Holmes, read by Rev. Cynthia James

16 Disc Audio CD
Publisher: Science of Mind Publishing

ISBN: 9780917849077

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In the early part of the twentieth century, a visionary named Ernest Holmes began a journey of exploration and research that profoundly affected thinkers throughout America. His work, based on the teachings of the great philosophers, the sacred wisdom of both Eastern and Western traditions, and the empirical nature of science, offers a philosophy of religion and psychology emphasizing the limitless potential of the human mind. Now, for the first time, The Science of Mind appears in paperback to coincide with the seventieth anniversary of Ernest Holmes’s founding of the Religious Science movement. This book contains the fundamentals of Holmes’s teachings and is a primary resource used by teaching centers and spiritual healers worldwide. Its universal principles apply to people of all spiritual backgrounds as they describe a higher level of existence attainable through the use of Nature’s forces and the power of God.

JEAN HOUSTON, PH.D.: “This is a book for the ages . . . In precise and powerful prose it lays out the blueprint for the remaking of the mind and the re-enchantment of the world.”

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Ernest Holmes & CYNTHIA JAMESErnest Holmes
DR. ERNEST HOLMES (1887-1960) founded the Science of Mind philosophy in 1927 and was known to millions as a great leader and teacher and author of many inspirational books and tapes, such as CREATIVE MIND, THIS THING CALLED LIFE, and THE SCIENCE OF MIND.

REV. CYNTHIA JAMES Cynthia is a lecturer, teacher and internationally renowned performing artist. Ms. James graduated from two Masters Degree programs, one in spiritual psychology and one in consciousness studies. She currently serves as an associate minister at Mile Hi Church, one of the largest new thought spiritual centers in the world, with a congregation of over 10,000 member and friends. Cynthia lives and thrives in the beautiful mountains of Colorado with her husband Carl.