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The Smile that Went Around the World: New Edition

$ 15.95

Patrice Karst

Illustrations by Jana Christy; Hardback 24pg | JUNE 2014
Subject: Children Ages 3+


What if you discovered one day you did something that helped millions of people all over the world and changed their lives? Something so simple that it was recognized and understood by everyone in every country everywhere . . . and all it took was a kind gesture to get it started. Too good to be true? Then it’s time for you to meet THE SMILE THAT WENT AROUND THE WORLD. In a modern world where emails and photos can be sent to the other side of the planet in seconds, where planes fly to far off countries everyday, where city sidewalks and highways are covered with millions of people going in millions of directions, it makes you realize just how easily a simple smile can actually go around the world. Here’s an uplifting story of how one smile finds its way around the world, cheering up everyone along the way.

LORI CALABRESE, Award-winning Children’s author: “This is a wonderful story to share with young readers, letting them know just how far a smile will go and that it’s a little bit of magic that is understood in every country of the world. All it takes is one gesture to get the party started and young readers will be excited to learn that they can do something that can help millions of people all over the world.”

SANDIE SEDGBEER, Editor in Chief, Inspired Parenting Magazine: “How can you be in love with a book? Easy – when it has the enduring impact on a child that Patrice Karst’s books do. She’s got the magic touch. Such simple, beautiful, books – such profound effects. Every home should have them.”

What starts out as a simple gift, soon turns into a chain-reaction of smiles and kindness in this heart-warming story about a smile . . . that went around the world. Each smile sparks another, and then another and another and another until one day, the young boy who first sent the smile on its way finds himself feeling sad. Before he knows it, that same special smile appears out of nowhere . . . when “he” needs it most.

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Patrice Karst
In addition to writing The Invisible String, Patrice Karst is also the author of The Smile that Went Around the World, God Made Easy and The Single Mother’s Survival Guide. Patrice and her books have been widely featured in print and broadcast media and she has made public appearances on both a local and national level to promote her professional endeavors. When not writing, Patrice enjoys leading meditation/creative writing groups and traveling the world. Born in London, England, Patrice has been on a fascinating spiritual journey since she was a young girl looking out in awe at the glistening stars.

Born in London, England, Patrice now lives at the beach in Southern California, and is the mother of one grown son. Fans from around the world have written Patrice, you can too. Learn more about her at