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The Way to Happiness

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George Catlin
Paperback 80pg | March 2004
Subject: Body Mind Spirit / Inspiration & Personal Growth


If you believe that everything we do is motivated by our desire for happiness, wouldn’t you think we’d be happy all the time? This force lures us like a great homing signal, yet we seldom find our way to it. Every once in a while, we think we’ve found it only to watch it slowly fade away. Why then is it so difficult to find and hold on to what we think is “happiness”? Why are we so limited in our ability to find happiness? Do we know what happiness really is?

As you answer each question in this simple, honest, and concise book, you soon realize that true happiness requires a strong commitment to grow beyond the perceived pleasure from temporary things such as entertainment, food, material & financial wealth, or a house and car. Authentic happiness can only be found at the core of your being that inevitably leads to the spiritual path.

“This book is essential in realizing our connectedness to all of life. Small, simple and profound.” – LYNN ANDREWS

“This book is wonderful. A simple but powerful statement that speaks to your heart. We are here to love, and love is the way to happiness. Period!” – PATRICE KARST, author of God Made Easy

“The Way to Happiness is a sincere, plain-spoken, and thoughtful guide to attaining what every person with a beating heart wants to attain. His pages on making a list of your assets, and then truly examining their meaning in your life is especially helpful. As is his suggestion to watch your own thoughts, like an observer.” – FOREWORD MAGAZINE

“We are not alive to be ruled by fear. We are alive to know ourselves free from it. This journey from fear to freedom is the path. This journey leads to happiness and so much more. Welcome fellow traveler. May this small book be a worthy introduction to this great journey.” From the Introduction

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George Catlin GEORGE CATLIN, Ph.D. has devoted his professional and personal life to understanding the whole person with an emphasis on psychological health. The heart of his work is the result of research while investigating not only what could go wrong psychologically, but also by concentrating on what could go right. He studied extensively at the University of Massachusetts where he earned his PhD in Psychology followed by an academic career as a Professor at Carthage College and Amherst. He now resides in Southern California with his wife and family. He conducts seminars and workshops around the country and can be reached at