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The Wisdom of Tula

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Karen Stuth and Dianna Cates Dunn


44 cards and booklet; lid and tray box

ISBN# 9780997282580

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 The Wisdom of Tula offers 44 exceptionally lovely wisdom cards painted by artist Dianna Cates Dunn based on her artist’s muse, Tula, who first appeared in an abstract painting that later paved the way for a larger body of work.  The guidebook, written by author Karen Stuth, brings forward positivity, purpose, and promise, and offers the user a brightly lit path of ideas and messages for living a joyous and abundant life.

As you work with the guidebook and the visual cues contained in the art, you will experience the magic and wisdom of Tula, who will infuse you with her inner beauty and insight, offering a luminous beacon of love and hope for every one of us. An ideal wisdom deck for anyone who loves the beauty of art and the inspiration of meaningful words.

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The Wisdom of Tula was created by Dianna Cates Dunn, the artist responsible for the gorgeous art on which this card deck is based. Dunn is predominantly a painter who utilizes oil, acrylic and mixed media. Starting her artistic career as a visual artist, Dianna had lengthy affairs with both music and theater before pursuing a full-time painting career in 1999. Her works often utilize modern symbolism with her paintings ranging from abstract and relational to a humorous and warm commentary on life. The recipient of many awards including TOSCA Magazine’s 2015 Colorado Artist of the Year and the Founders Award from the Colorado Watermedia Society. Her works have also been featured in “The Art of Layering: Making Connections,” “American Art Collector, Book 2,” “Art Buzz 2008,” and Luxe Magazine 2011.




Karen Stuth is the co-founder and owner of Satiama, LLC, which includes Satiama Publishing, a well-recognized name in Mind Body Spirit industry, and Satiama Writers Resource.  Her writing has been featured in numerous newspapers, magazines, and online forums, including Retailing Insight Magazine and Evolve Magazine.