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Thin Through the Power of Spirit

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Creating Paradise in Your Weight and World
Lucia Capodilupo

Paperback; 224 pg | 1999 October | Out of Print
Subject: Health/Diet/Spiritual

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This breakthrough book offers a spiritually based approach to weight loss, drawn from the author’s experience as a weight-loss counselor and as someone who lost 95 pounds more than 20 years ago and has kept it off ever since. Here is weight loss that really works- because it rejects superficial quick-fix schemes and instead goes deep into the causes of excess weight at the subconscious soul level. It is an in-depth plan that can change your weight and life forever.

SUSAN SMITH JONES, Ph.D.“author of Choose Radiant Health & Happiness and Choose to Live Peacefully: “Lucia does an excellent job of not only distilling the root causes of ‘overweightness,’ but also providing all the tools needed to achieve and maintain your ideal weight and create paradise on earth.”

JOHN RANDOLPH PRICE, Bestselling author: “I found the book to be spiritually inclusive as it takes us into a heightened dimension where transformation can occur in all aspects of life.”

MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW: “Highly recommended”

SPIRIT OF CHANGE, New England’s Holistic Magazine: “Lucia Capodilupo weaves for readers a most enticing spell.”

Lucia Capodilupo When author Lucia Capodilupo was eight years old, she saw the words “obese female Caucasian” written in her doctor’s file. It wasn’t until her 20’s, when at 5’ tall and 205 lbs, that she decided to seek an answer from within to her weight problem. After she lost a total of 95 lbs., something about her new image seemed uncomfortable. Instead of feeling free of excess weight, she now felt like a fat person disguised in a normal-sized body. The new challenge she faced was how to change the very core of her consciousness, on the spiritual level, to reflect the new person she had become.
`Lucia grew up in Boston’s North End near the Old North Church of Paul Revere fame and moved to New York City in the 1970’s, where she’s been active in holistic health, international relations, arts administration, and city planning. She has earned a Ph.D. in Russian literature from Yale and traveled extensively in Eastern Europe.