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Toning: The Creative and Healing Power of the Voice – Book with CD

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Laurel Elizabeth Keyes with Don Campbell

Hardback 176pg with CD

ISBN: 978-087516-831-9

SUBJECT: Body Mind Spirit / Healing

Release Date: October 2008




New Edition includes BONUS CD containing original recordings of Laurel Keyes PLUS Don Campbell’s comments and a Toning demonstration.

“TONING, has always been a classic in the field of sound healing. Now with additional input from Don Campbell, this groundbreaking work reaches a new level of importance!”

JONATHAN GOLDMAN, Author of Healing Sounds


Fact: Sound vibrations move and alter matter.

The purpose of sound has forever been used primarily for communication or entertainment, but the true benefits of sound are also known to be an ancient method of healing. The benefits are felt when people speak, sing, hum, chant, and as Laurel Elizabeth Keyes explained in her groundbreaking book TONING over 30 years ago. The specific act of “toning” creates vocal sounds and vibrational patterns that influence health and well-being. TONING, THE CREATIVE AND HEALING POWER OF THE VOICE contains the results and observations that Laurel Keyes experienced while experimenting in her own body as well as in others. One person who applied the life-changing healing technique is Don Campbell, best-selling author of THE MOZART EFFECT who credits much of his success to the tools he acquired from TONING. In this new updated edition, Don shares his healing experience and enhances the original work to show readers today how to reform life patterns through sound that will stimulate health and vitality in the body.


LAUREL ELIZABETH KEYES was a teacher and author in Denver, Colorado. She lectured nationally and taught metaphysical and psychological classes for over thirty years and served as Director of the Restorium, a retreat house in the Colorado mountains. She was the author of many spiritual books and discovered the technique of Toning.

DON CAMPBELL is a recognized authority on the transformative power of music, listening and The Mozart Effect®. He is the author of nine books, including 1997’s best-seller, The Mozart Effect®. In addition, he has produced 16 albums including the accompanying Music for The Mozart Effect® series for adults and children, which dominated the Billboard Classical charts in 1998 and 1999. Campbell also is a leading lecturer and consultant to organizations ranging from corporations to parenting groups to symphony orchestras.