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Touch for Health Midday/Midnight Law & Five Elements MANUAL

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Explains Five Element energy patterns. Location and use of Acupressure Holding Points and Luo Points. Balance energy & control pain.

Gordon Stokes (with Daniel Whiteside)

Publisher: Touch for Health Education

ISBN: 9780875167718

Format: 8.5 x 11″ Booklet 36pg Illustrated BW


This is the original companion to the Five Element Chart, first published in 1981. Illustrates and explains location and use of:

•  Five Element energy patterns — Shen (creation) Cycle, Ko (control) cycle, and midday/midnight (24 hr.) Cycles

• Alarm Points

• Acupressure Holding Points

• Luo Points (Junction Points)

• Pain Tapping points for pain control

The Five Element manual includes multiple examples of energy patterns, how to recognize them and use them to balance all the meridians with “1-point”. Simple, practical illustrations of all of your Acupressure Holding Points, how to locate and apply, plus explanation of the Pain Tapping points for pain control.

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  Gordon Stokes        Daniel Whiteside