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John Thie, DC and Matthew Thie, M.Ed.


Released: 1-May-2002

ISBN: 9780875167817



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In-Depth Goal-Setting & Balancing with 111 Chinese Five-Element Metaphors!

In-depth Goal Setting and Metaphor Balancing.  Further tips on Muscle Testing. 111 Sets of Metaphors covering 42 Muscles, 14 acupuncture Meridians and the 55 concepts from the Chinese Five Elements in the TFH system. Balance energy and explore meanings related to goals, symptoms, and energy patterns. Contains all of the reference pages & follows the format of the Pocket Reference Folio, including detailed instructions for using the reference pages that are not included in the original Reference Folio.

During the last 15 years of his life, John Thie emphasized interviewing and Goal-setting to make balancing more profound and effective.  This is his complete 10-step protocol, including brief bullet-pointed overview, and detailed commentary.

Muscle + Meridian Metaphors: Following the format of the TFH Reference Folio, the Pocketbook explores the metaphorical possibilities of all 42 muscles, in relation to anatomy, function, gesture, and related Meridian. The traditional (TCM), physiological and colloquial symbolism of the 14 Meridians are also investigated.

Five Element Metaphors: In the TFH system we work with 10 traditional associations with the Five Elements (Seasons, Climate, 5 Senses, Emotions, Power, Elements) as well as the “Belief/Worldview” Metaphors based on cognitive stages of development in parallel with “Faith” development.  Brief explanations, and questions for contemplation are presented for all 55 Five Element Metaphors.

Balancing Protocol: The Pocketbook includes a concise review of the basic energizers, pre-checks, 7 types of touch reflexes (spinal, neurolymphatic, neurovascular, meridian, muscle spindle + golgi and acupressure holding points) as well as “balance-as-you-go” and “one-point, Five Element” balancing procedures.

Muscle Testing Notes: This is a unique discussion of John Thie’s philosophy of muscle testing as a form of biofeedback, including frequently asked questions that clarify the crucial concept of what we are testing with muscle testing (muscles, energy, emotion, stress…)

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John Thie, DC was president of the Touch For Health Foundation after having led the Thie Chiropractic Clinic for 35 years as a director in Pasadena, California. With degrees from USC, the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, and UCLA, he served on the faculties of many Southern California universities, where his treatment and technique gained recognition throughout the world. Despite his recent passing in 2005, Touch for Health will live forever in the hearts of his colleagues and practitioners for years to come.


Matthew Thie, M.Ed. continues the Touch for Health tradition, leading the Intensive Workshops in Malibu, California, weekend workshops in Los Angeles, and an extensive international teaching schedule.   Matthew is an International Faculty member of the International Kinesiology College, former IKC President, and former President of the TFH Kinesiology Association.  Matthew worked directly with his father, John Thie, from 1996-2005, coauthoring the Complete Edition, TFH Pocketbook with Five Element Metaphors, and many articles and presentations.

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