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White Eagle

Publisher: White Eagle Publishing Trust

Released: 1-May-2014

ISBN13: 9780854872336


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9780854872336The ancient tradition of pilgrimage is one that becomes more relevant every day in our busy world. Through making a pilgrimage to a sacred place we can reconnect with ancient wisdom and seek our own personal “Holy Grail” of inner truth and spirituality. Wherever we live or however physically mobile we are. Combining White Eagle’s teaching on the “ancient centers of power in the world” with advice from Jenny Dent to show how everyone can make their own pilgrimage at an inner level and numerous moving tales of real life experiences, the book serves as a useful all round introduction to the practice of pilgrimage.

Wherever and whenever it is opened, White Eagle’s wise and gentle words can speak to the heart and answer the need of the moment.

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Whiteaglelogo White Eagle is the spirit guide of Grace Cooke