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Watch Your Dreams

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Ann Ree Colton Foundation – 1973

Ann Ree Colton

341 pages Trade Paperback

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Watch Your Dreams: A Master Key and Reference Book for All Initiates of the Soul, the Mind and the Heart

Ann Ree Colton was noted for her spiritual understanding of dreams, her gift for interpreting dream symbols and the prophetic aspect within dreams, and her ability to recover akasic or past-life records through dreams. In her research, she discovered that there are seven dream levels, and that there is a progressive process and sequence in one’s dreams that reveals the initiatory action in one’s life. Watch Your Dreams describes the spiritual significance of dreams and discusses the Night Ministry, during which one may aid others, research the higher worlds, learn of past lives, and gain prophetic insight into coming events. An invaluable tool, Watch Your Dreams is a comprehensive reference book providing the essential keys to dream interpretation and revealment.

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Born in Atlanta, Georgia, on August 17, 1898, Ann Ree Colton was the author of 17 spiritual classics and the co-author of six more. Beginning in early childhood, Ann Ree’s life bore testimony to her extraordinary spiritual gifts and aptitudes. Founder of the Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience, Inc. located in Glendale, California, Ann Ree served countless individuals as a spiritual counselor, minister, and teacher of the higher life for over sixty years. Her legacy includes her magnificent articulation of inner realities and also the system of Niscience, a detailed and progressive practice for students of the higher life.