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White Eagle


Released: 1-Nov-2010

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0854872086Developing a conscious awareness of angels can help us through times of challenge and times of joy. Their presence is ever there and as we awaken to this, our lives become enhanced and enriched by their powerful loving support. White Eagle’s Little Book of Angels is a careful selection of teaching from spirit, organised so that White Eagle’s words and the reader’s intuition lead to the discovery of a specific angel for every need. White Eagle says that humanity and angels have evolved on different streams of life and while our guides, loved ones and spiritual teachers, on the other side of life, are on the same stream as we are, angels come from a parallel stream of life. They, however watch over us giving non-judgmental, loving, compassionate understanding. Angels help us both individually and universally. It is very important that we consciously focus on them and work with them. They help us create harmony and balance in our lives and we help them by our constant attunement and awareness of their ever-loving presence. We and they are all part of the brotherhood of life and by our co-operation we can work to restore ecological balance and harmony and give healing to our beloved Mother Earth.

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WHITE EAGLEWhite Eagle is the renowned and much-loved spirit guide of the medium Grace Cooke. Although his perceived personality relates to that of an Iroquois chief, his hearers have also detected lives in China, Tibet, India and the Middle East. He has spoken too of lives in South America and Egypt.