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Allen Rosenthal


Released: 1-Jun-1991

ISBN10: 875166199

ISBN13: 9780875166193

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0875166199The human mind contains one of the most effective tools for guiding human creativity. And it doesn’t need to be “fixed.” We need simply to be more aware of its existence and what it can do for us. Then we can consciously choose to use it, just the way we choose to use hammers on nails and screwdrivers on screws. The problem is that this “Creative Mechanism” is so good at what it does, at the automatic reflex level, we don’t even notice that it exists. Once you experience the magical power of your Creative Mechanism, you’ll definitely notice how much of your daily life is already affected by its trained reactions. YOUR MIND THE MAGICIAN is intended to give you an awareness of your inherent creative machinery and empower you to use it consciously, in a positive direction.

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