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Your Weight Or Your Life

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0875168213For most people, eating is an enjoyable experience.  The family dinner table is usually a scene of conviviality and fellowship, where food usually brings out the best of humor in everyone.  And that, along with nourishment, should be its proper role in our lives.  But when food becomes an obsession, conviviality, friendship and humor have no part in the eating experience.  There is only misery.   No matter how desperate a problem may appear, there is always a solution. Finding the solution to an eating obsession is not so easy.  As diets and exercise programs took author Barbara McCalmon’s weight on a roller-coaster ride, it became obvious that the solution resided not within the amount of calories, but within her soul and why she willingly consumed so much food. This is the story of how she confronted the need to change and pinpoint the source of the problem as she faced the unknown risk of a new path.

Balancing the Scale for A Healthy Life From Within

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mccalmonBarbara McCalmon is the founder and owner of Tapestry Day Spa in Boulder, CO.